Which browsers is uitags compatible with?

uitags works with IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 (and likely with older versions of Firefox as well).


Which web containers is uitags compatible with?

uitags has been tested and works on the following containers:

  1. Tomcat 5.5.x
  2. WebSphere Application Server v6 (note: we found that WAS complains about missing compiled tag files unless JSP pre-compilation is turned on)

Is uitags v1 compatible with v0?

Unfortunately no. There are huge fundamental differences between v1 and v0 which break compatibility between the two.

What is uitags' behavior injection?

Since v1, uitags no longer generates widgets for you. You write your own code to render and style the widgets. You then use uitags to inject behavior (which is essentially JavaScript event handlers) to said widgets. This technique gives you a great deal of flexibility and full control over your widgets.

This benefit does come at a price though. Your code tends to become more verbose since you have to write two pieces of code: code for generating widgets, and code for injecting behavior to them. Those who like custom tags to encapsulate both may be disappointed. There are a several solutions to this. Our favorite is to create a JSP 2.0 tag file which wraps both pieces of code.

The demo sampleapp contains a number of convenience tag files which you can adapt for your own application. It is important to note that these tag files are not part of uitags official package hence they are not supported. Between releases, we may make dramatic changes to them without providing any upgrade guide.